About NAIC

about naic - About NAICOur community refers to the blog as simply NAIC. Some people refer to it as “Ireland’s Treasure.” To us, it is a timeless collection of Ireland’s greatest achievements and milestones in music.

NAIC started as “Irish Music Library” back in 2012. It was a blog created by Maisie Spencer to share the history of Ireland’s rich and cultural music. Spencer started the blog to share her knowledge and skills in music.

She is a talented musician capable of playing more than 5 instruments including guitar, piano, saxophone, cello, and bass. She learned how to play and read music when she was just a young girl.

Upon growing up, Spencer continued to learn more about music and by the time she was 15, she was able to compose her own. She was passionate about music, that is why it was a surprise for her family and friends that she grew up becoming a judge.

Judge Spencer

Spencer took up law to become a public servant in Ireland serving the poor. According to her, there were a lot of people in the country that don’t have access or don’t have the means to legal services.

But Spencer never fully turned away from music.

Irish Music Library

Spencer wanted to share her knowledge and fascination with Ireland’s rich music. She also hoped to encourage more young people to learn music and embrace what it has to offer. Spencer loves classical music, and she knew all the famous Irish composers to ever play.

She started the blog and published several entries talking about the history of music in Ireland and to introduce the greatest Irish composers. The blog was a big hit in her hometown Bandon in Cork.

NAIC 2016

Spencer is amazing when it comes to sharing her knowledge and passion for music. Many of our readers consider Spencer to be a music historian for the level of information she can share online.

She knows how to interpret music and she knows how to deliver real-life stories as if they were fiction. In 2016, Spencer together with her team decided to change the blog’s name to National Archive of Irish Composers or NAIC as it got national attention.

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