Ireland’s Greatest Classical Music Hits

There are hundreds of classical music hits to enjoy right now. We are talking about massive hits from decades ago. These compositions are still being played until today all over Ireland especially in Irish pubs and bars.

During St Patrick’s day, these classical hits are played over and over again and people can’t get enough of them. But these are not just merely for entertainment but clear indications of Ireland’s music footprint in the world.

These titles put Ireland on the classical music map all over the world. If you are a musician, you are sure to have a great time learning how to play these compositions.

Down by William Butler Years (Arranged by Herbert Howells)

“Down” was originally a poem written by renowned poet W.B. Yeats. The poem was a classic piece of literature since it was written back in 1889. To this day, the lines in the poem remain some of the greatest pieces of literature ever written.

“Down by the salley gardens my love and I did meet; She passed the salley gardens with little snow-white feet. She bid me take love easy, as the leaves grow on the tree; But I, being young and foolish, with her would not agree.”

Ireland’s Greatest Classical Music Hits music notes - Ireland’s Greatest Classical Music Hits

This classic poem became a classical music hit when it was arranged by late composer Herbert Howells.

I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls by Michael Balfe

Michael Balfe is one of the most talented musicians in Ireland. Balfe is known for the Opera “The Bohemian Girl.” It was a timeless composition still being played by hundreds of musicians today.

One of the greatest classical music hits is the “I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls” from the second act of the opera. The song was written for a character who has fallen in love with a Polish nobleman who was exiled.

The song was an instant classic and probably has one of the most profound backstories. Balfe is also responsible for 250 songs and 38 operas.

The Kerry Dance by James Molloy

This composition of Molloy was a homage for another classical hit title “The Cuckoo” by Margaret Casson. Molloy added a music variation in the middle of the classic hit as well as new lyrics.

Are you familiar with any of these titles? If you are, maybe you can also share some of your favourite hits. Send us an email today.