Ireland’s Classical Music Genius

These days, more and more people are finding a whole newfound value and glory for classical hits that has been around for decades. Dozens of rap and pop artists are sampling old classical hits for their new songs.

If you are looking for some classical hits to jam on while working out, riding the bus or even playing your favourite online casino games at Jackpots casino, you’ve come to the right place.

From experience, listening to classical music and playing a couple of rounds of poker or even slot machines is the best thing to do to enhance your gaming experience.

So, if you are ever in search the best classical hits, here are the artists you need to look for.

Ann Murray

Murray was born and raised in Dublin. From a young age, she was fond of music and that would continue making her one of the most profound mezzo-sopranos in Ireland. Murray is a proud recipient of several awards from the FeisCeoil.

Murray’s career was highly influenced by Handel, Mozart and Richard Strauss. Her recordings and compositions include “Voices of the Night,” “Cose fan Tutte,” “Lucia di Lammermoor,” “Stabat Mater,” and more.

Her voice is truly one of the most distinct and mellow in all of Ireland.

Philip Martin

Martin bridged the old and the new. Martin’s resume includes four piano concertos, a symphony, and a bunch of choral works. Martin’s music is a great tribute to the great Louis Moreau Gottschalk. He redefined Gootschalk’s piano music and brought it to the world. There is just something electrifying about his performances.

Charles Villiers Stanford

Stanford’s music is not just calming; it is not just solemn. His music is said to be one of the pinnacles of classical music in Ireland. Stanford studied music at Berlin, Leipzig, and Cambridge. Music is in Stanford’s blood as he was born into a highly musical family.

Stanford is one of the founders of the renowned Royal College of Music in London. Some of his greatest hits are “The Old Superb,” “The Fairy Lough,” “Magnificat,” “A Song of Peace,” and of course, the “Blue Bird.”

You can listen to Stanford’s greatest hits right now on YouTube, Spotify, and other music or video streaming websites.

Make your playlist today

If you want to make a classical music playlist right now, we can help you out. Check out some of our articles and choose our top classical picks from dozens of Irish musicians.

We tell you; these compositions or songs are not just for listening; they are sure to set the mood for all sorts of activities. Online casino gaming and classical music is a match made in heaven.

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